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The Max Bupa Health Insurance company offers excellent medical insurance plans. You get individual health plans, family floater health plans, senior citizen health plans, etc from this insurer. The plans are available online so you can buy them easily with the click of just a few buttons. However, when you do so, don’t forget the Max Bupa Health Insurance Premium Receipt Download process. You need to have the receipt with you at all times as it serves many purposes. Read on to know more.

Importance of Max Bupa Health Insurance Premium Receipt

Listed below are some reasons that highlight the importance of Max Bupa Health Insurance Premium Receipt Download:

  1. Helps to settle a claim – You can settle a claim quite easily when you have a copy of the premium payment receipt with you. Just show the receipt and prove that you have paid all your premiums on time and you have a valid policy which covers your condition.
  2. Helps to know expenses – The health insurance premium payment is a considerably large expense. When you make the payment, you should store the receipt carefully to know where you spent the money. This would help prevent financial confusions later on.
  3. Helps to save tax – The premium receipt can be produced when filing the Income Tax. A tax benefit is available for the premium you pay towards your health insurance policy.
  4. Helps to clear doubts – If there is ever a dispute between you and the insurance provider or ever an insurance agent regarding the premium payment of the health insurance plan. You can simply show the receipt and end all disputes then and there.
  5. Helps to get the NCB – The no claim bonus is only received in health insurance when the premiums have been paid on time and the policy has not lapsed between renewals. Get the receipt to get your NCB smoothly.

Do not ignore the Max Bupa Health Insurance Premium Receipt Download process. It is simple, quick and free of charge, so do get a copy of the premium receipt downloaded as soon as you buy a Max Bupa Health Insurance policy.

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