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ManipalCigna Health Insurance is a leading and very popular medical insurance company in India. It offers various types of health insurance plans that have vast scopes of covers. When you buy a health plan from this insurance provider, you are given an online receipt, since a majority of the ManipalCigna Health Insurance plans are sold online these days. The ManipalCigna Health Insurance Premium Receipt Download process is a very important process and something that you must not forget to complete. Are you wondering why it is so? Take a look at this article to get your answer.

Why is the ManipalCigna Health Insurance Premium Receipt Download process crucial?

The process is so crucial because:

  1. It proves you have paid the premium – The biggest reason why you need the receipt is to prove that you have actually paid the health insurance premium. Unless the premium is paid, the health cover will be considered to be null and void.
  2. It helps to keep a financial record – When you have a copy of the receipt in your financial files, you get to keep an account of all the expenses made and this proves to be handy later on.
  3. It makes the claim process smooth – Very importantly, the ManipalCigna Health Insurance Premium Receipt makes it quite easy for you to get a health insurance claim settled. As mentioned above, the policy is considered to be active only when the premium is paid. The insurer will want proof at the time of a claim that you have paid the premium. Show the receipt and you are sorted.
  4. It helps when you file tax – You can save a lot of tax money if you have a health insurance policy. When you file your taxes, submit the receipt to get the tax benefit.

Fortunately, the ManipalCigna Health Insurance Premium Receipt Download process is simple, free and hardly takes a few seconds to complete. You can go to the company’s website or app and download the receipt instantly. So next time you buy a health plan, do not forget to get a copy of the premium payment receipt as well.

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