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The Life Insurance Corporation of India is the oldest, largest and most popular life insurance provider of the country. It is a pathmaker and has been the ideal insurer whom the other insurers look up to. The LIC is a leader in the industry and has always had the highest claim settlement ratio as well. The company offers some of the most impressive and wide-ranging life insurance plans as well. If you need any kind of life cover, you can turn to LIC and get your plan effortlessly. And when you pay the premium for the life cover of your choice, you get the premium receipt. The LIC Life Insurance Premium Receipt Download is a simple process that you must undertake as keeping a copy of the receipt is important. Read on to know more.

The need for LIC Life Insurance Premium Receipt

Here are some reasons why you need to download the LIC premium payment receipt:

  1. If there is a dispute with the insurance provider or your insurance agent about the status of the premium payment, you can simply show them your premium receipt and get all the doubts sorted out. When you have a copy of the receipt, it is proof that all the premiums have been paid and the life insurance cover is active.
  2. If your family faces any challenges after your demise regarding the claim settlement, they can produce the LIC Life Insurance Premium receipt copy and clear all the issues. When the receipt is in place, the insurer will know that the premium was paid and the claim will be paid out quite easily.
  3. A copy of the receipt will act as a financial record of the expenses made towards your life insurance plan. You can take a copy and put it in your financial file.

These are the reasons why LIC Life Insurance Premium Receipt Download is an important process.

In conclusion

You can download the LIC Life Insurance Premium Receipt by simply visiting LIC’s website or mobile app. The process takes just a couple of minutes and can be done from anywhere.

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