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The IndiaFirst Life Insurance Premium Receipt Download steps are quite easy to follow. This is why you should ensure you get a copy of the receipt and keep it with yourself after you pay the premium. There are various benefits of doing so. Let us find out more in the article below.

Benefits of IndiaFirst Life Insurance Premium Receipt Download

Here are the top benefits of downloading your IndiaFirst Life Insurance Premium Receipt:

  1. Acts as a financial record – A life insurance plan often acts as an investment as well, especially if you buy an endowment policy or a ULIP. This is why you need to download the premium payment receipt and keep it safely as a financial record of the money you spent on it. Keep it in your file along with your other important financial documents and refer to it as and when needed.
  2. Helps to resolve doubts – The plan helps to resolve any doubts that you may have regarding the life insurance cover. If the insurer or the insurance agent claims that the premium is not paid or an amount is outstanding, you can produce the downloaded premium payment receipt and get all the doubts cleared and resolve any issue that may crop up.
  3. Is needed for claims – And last but not the least, your nominees will need the IndiaFirst Life Insurance Premium receipt when they make a claim. Life is uncertain and you never know when misfortune may strike. So keep all the life insurance documents, including the premium receipt with your nominees so that they can easily make a claim if needed.

The process to download the receipt is very simple. All you have to do is visit IndiaFirst’s official website or app and initiate the process. Just enter your date of birth along with your life insurance policy number. Then, you can see the IndiaFirst Life Insurance Premium Receipt downloaded on your device. Just take a printout and keep a copy for yourself and also keep a copy digitally, in your email inbox. This will make it easy for you to refer to the document as and when needed.

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