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There are many life insurance companies operating in India these days, but some offer better plans than the others. A company that has received many accolades for its diverse set of life covers is Exide Life Insurance. From term insurance plans to money back plans, the company has many options on offer. When you buy life insurance from Exide Life Insurance, you get many benefits. But for this, you need to pay your life insurance premium on time. After the premium is paid, the insurer issues a receipt, which you need to keep with you. Take a look at this article to understand the Exide Life Insurance Premium Receipt process.

The Exide Life Insurance Premium Receipt Download process

Here are the steps to follow when you look to download the Exide Life Insurance Premium Receipt:

  1. First and foremost, you need to go to Exide Life Insurance’s official website. You can also log on to the mobile app that you will find on your Android or iOs device.
  2. After that, you need to go to the life insurance segment.
  3. Then, you need to enter the policy number as well as your date of birth.
  4. The receipt will be flashed on the screen.
  5. Scan through it and ensure all the information mentioned is correct.
    Once you are happy with it, hit the download button and get a printout of the receipt then and there.
  6. Also, get a copy emailed to your registered email ID. It is important to have a physical copy of the Exide Life Insurance Premium Receipt as well as a digital copy of the same.

As you can clearly see from the points mentioned above, the process to download the Exide Life Insurance Premium Receipt is very simple and hassle-free. Get it done if you have not done so already.

To wrap it up

The insurance premium receipt is a crucial document that you must have with you at all times. It helps to clear doubts regarding the policy validity, it helps to keep track of the expenses and it also helps your nominees to file a claim after you are gone.

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