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Bharti Axa is one of the largest and most successful life insurance companies in India presently. The company offers many types of life insurance products such as the endowment life insurance plans, the term life insurance plans, the child plans the retirement plans, ULIPs and so on. You can buy any policy as per your requirements. The plans are easily available online and they are very affordable as well. This makes it easy for you to make a quick and safe purchase. However, when you do buy a life insurance policy, do not forget to get a copy of the receipt. Thankfully the Bharti Axa Life Insurance Premium Receipt Download process is extremely simple. Read on to know more.

Importance of Bharti Axa Life Insurance Premium Receipt Download

It is important to download the receipt because:

To Keep a Record – As a financially responsible person, you need to keep a record of all your financial transactions. Download the insurance premium payment receipt and file it with your other important financial documents to keep a tab on your spendings.

To Make Claims – Then, and perhaps most importantly, the Bharti Axa Life Insurance Premium Receipt Download process will help when your nominees need to file a life insurance claim. The receipt will be needed along with the other documents to prove that the life cover is active and valid.

To Solve Disputes – If there ever is a dispute between you and the insurer or the insurance agent about the premium payment or the validity of the life cover, you can refer to the premium receipt and resolve the matter. If you have the receipt, it is proof that all the premiums have been paid and the insurer will not have any doubts thereafter.

To download the receipt, you simply need to visit Bharti Axa Life Insurance’s official website or mobile app. Enter your policy number and your date of birth and the receipt will be shown to you. Save it and print it or get a copy emailed to you. Keep the receipt with you and you will not face any issues.

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