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The process for the Aviva Life Insurance Premium Receipt download has become very simple these days. Gone are the times when you had to make multiple trips to your insurance provider’s office or chase your insurance agent simply to obtain a copy of the premium receipt. Nowadays, all you have to do is go online and instantly download the receipt in a few minutes.

Process for Aviva Life Insurance Premium Receipt Download

Let us now take a detailed look at the Aviva Life Insurance Premium Receipt Download process:

Visit the portal – It is very important to stay safe from online frauds so it is highly recommended that you use Aviva’s official website or mobile app for all transaction-related matters. Thus, you should visit the insurer’s portal to download the life insurance premium receipt. The portal is very simple to use and allows you to download the receipt in a few minutes.

Provide the details – You need to enter the required details to initiate the downloading process of Aviva Life Insurance Premium Receipt. First, enter the number of the policy. Then, enter your birth date. These are the two main details you need when you have to download the life insurance receipt.

Download the receipt – The receipt will be shown to you on the screen. Check the information and if you are satisfied, hit the download button. You can get a printout or you can have it emailed to you. Keep the receipt copy with you as you may need it to resolve disputes and your family will also need it if you die and a claim is to be made on the life insurance coverage that you bought.

Once you complete these steps, the receipt will be with you.

In conclusion

As you can clearly see from the points mentioned above, the process to get the insurance premium receipt from Aviva Life Insurance is very simple indeed. So go ahead and get your copy at the earliest and keep a record of the premium you paid towards your life insurance coverage.

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