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ULIP Returns Demystified

Unit-linked Insurance Plans (ULIPs) offering a unique combination of life insurance and investment benefits have been much in the news for their returns. The returns of many ULIPs that invest your money primarily in stocks and other equity-related...

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Tata AIA Fortune Maxima Plan

Are you planning for the financial security of your near and dear ones? If yes, consider Tata AIA Fortune Maxima, a non-participating, unit-linked, whole life plan that allows you to maximize your corpus with the power of market-driven growth. Here,...

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Investment Mistakes One Should Stay Away from

Achieving financial goals rests on how efficiently you nurture your investment portfolio over time. Like - is the investment amount you put periodically attuned to your goals? Whether you’ve trusted the right financial instrument? How to hold your...

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Retirement Planning Calculator

In your late years, you don’t want to worry about the day-to-day expenses. So, have you started planning for it? If not, you should because inflation can pull you down if you don’t start investing now. But how much will you need to live a...

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Goal-based Investment Strategies Explained

Investment philosophies vary among the investment class; while some invest just because their peers are doing, others research, plan and achieve the right investment results. Merely following your peer group may make you fall short of the desired...

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Kotak Headstart Future Protect

Ensuring the best for your children through a perfect investment plan must be at the top of your mind. But choosing that would require analyzing the options available and checking which meets the purpose the best way. Amongst the options, we’ve...

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PNB MetLife Mera Wealth Plan

PNB MetLife Mera Wealth Plan is Unit-Linked Life Insurance that helps you in financial planning and gets you life cover. The key benefits of this ULIP policy are - Death benefit Maturity benefit Loyalty additions Ten funds Let’s learn...

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HDFC SimpliLife ULIP Plan

HDFC SimpliLife ULIP Plan helps you make money by providing you with a wide range of investments. And it also helps take care of your loved ones, in case you’re not around, by paying them. Let’s check out the highlights of the HDFC SimpliLife...

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