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Navi Saral Suraksha Bima

Navi Saral Suraksha Bima is designed to cover all your expenses incurred during the policy term due to an accident. The coverage will include the death and disability of the insured. When you’re no longer alive due to an accident, the insurance...

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ICICI Pru Loan Protect

ICICI Pru Loan Protect is a non-participating term insurance plan that provides you coverage against a mortgage or auto loan borrowed from a bank or any other financial institution. Under this loan protection insurance, you can cover Home Loan, Loan...

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HDFC ERGO Ultra Loan Shield

HDFC Ultra Loan Shield provides coverage to the members of an organization/company for the credit they avail. The plan comes with the following features to take note of. Financial protection in case of death, disability and critical illnesses...

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SBI Life - RiNn Raksha

SBI Life – RiNn Raksha is a group credit life insurance plan that will pay your loan EMIs in case of your death. The premium for the plan will be paid by the financial institution from where you would take a loan. So, if you have borrowed a loan...

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Loan Protection Insurance

Loan protection insurance helps pay off your outstanding loans in the event of your death during the policy term. The insurer shall pay the Equated Monthly Installments (EMIs) on your behalf if you won't be able to do so even due to unemployment or...

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Bajaj Allianz M-Care Plan

Bajaj Allianz M-Care Plan protects you financially against medical expenses that might occur due to vector-borne diseases. The insurer provides you and your family members coverage against up to seven vector-borne diseases. So, if you and any of the...

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Future Generali Vector Care Plan

Future Generali Vector Care Plan provides you coverage against a list of specified vector-borne diseases. If you or any covered member of your family is diagnosed with the covered disease, the insurer pays your hospitalization expenses up to 100% of...

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