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Tata AIA Life Insurance MahaLife Magic Plan

Investment Plans 422 views November 27, 2020

It must be hard for you to manage your family expenses if you are the only earner as they look up to you. So, to plan for the future, whether it is a child education, marriage, or retirement, it would be great for you to have a savings plan. And... Read More

Tata AIA Smart Growth Plus Plan

Investment Plans 508 views November 27, 2020

Want an insurance plan that gives cover to your family while also allowing you to meet your different financial goals? Think of  Tata AIA Smart Growth Plus Plan, which acts as a one-stop solution to protect your loved ones in case something... Read More

Tata AIA Smart 7 Plan

Investment Plans 689 views November 26, 2020

Tata AIA Smart 7 Plan is a participating endowment assurance plan that helps fulfill your multiple aspirations such as retirement planning, education of your kids while ensuring protection in case an unfortunate incident like a death happens.... Read More

Tata AIA Insta Wealth Plan

Investment Plans 396 views November 26, 2020

One of the top priorities for any individual in life is to protect his/her family financially in the case of death. For this, people choose Life Insurance. But choosing a suitable policy for yourself can be a tedious task because of the complex... Read More

Tata AIA MahaLife Supreme Plan

Investment Plans 341 views November 25, 2020

Tata AIA Life Insurance MahaLife Supreme is a non-linked non-participating endowment plan. This insurance policy provides benefits of a lump sum fund to the insured as per their choice between the following two options - Option A: A policy term of... Read More

Tata AIA Life Insurance Fortune Guarantee

Investment Plans 715 views November 25, 2020

Nobody wants to see their investment go in vain. One of the common misconceptions among people is that they can lose their investment in a life insurance policy, which is not true. With Tata AIA Life Insurance Fortune Guarantee, you can protect your... Read More

Tata AIA POS Smart Income Plus Plan

Investment Plans 388 views November 24, 2020

Everyone wants to protect the future of their families by opting for a Life Insurance Plan in case something unfortunate happens to them. But would you like to opt for a life insurance plan that can also provide you guaranteed returns for the... Read More

Tata AIA Money Back Plus Plan

Investment Plans 495 views November 23, 2020

People have started to understand the necessity of having a Life Insurance Plan to cover them and their loved ones in case something unfortunate like Death happens. There are many insurance companies offering you a wide range of insurance plans to... Read More

What is Co-pay in Health Insurance?

Health Insurance 928 views November 23, 2020

A copayment is a situation where the insurance company pays a part of the claim and another part of the claim is borne by the policyholder. For instance, if you have made any research, you will notice senior citizen health insurance policies come... Read More

Tata AIA Diamond Savings Plan

Investment Plans 596 views November 21, 2020

Life Insurance is one of the most needed investments today as life can present different kinds of uncertainties for you to deal with. But when you have a life insurance policy, it covers you and your family from such things. But do you know that... Read More

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