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SBI Life Retire Smart

Insurance Plans 164 views March 11, 2020

It is a known fact that post-retirement lifestyles can be challenging if financial independence is not taken into serious consideration during initial stages of monetary planning. Just for this reason, specially designed Retirement Plans have been... Read More

Saral Pension Plan of SBI Life

Insurance Plans 132 views March 11, 2020

Saral Pension Plan of SBI Life is a pension plan for individuals to secure their life after retirement. This pension product helps individuals meet their post-retirement financial needs without any hassle. It provides security, reliability, and... Read More

Digit Launches Coronavirus Insurance Product

News 333 views March 9, 2020

After claiming thousands of lives, Coronavirus is the latest nightmare that the world is facing. No country has escaped the fear of contracting the epidemic, even in India we have 6 registered cases of this virus. The panic and fear towards the... Read More

WhatsApp Taking Insurance Business to the Next Frontier

News 379 views March 9, 2020

On a lazy Sunday morning, Akshit woke up to enjoy his relaxing cup of morning tea with his family. He had promised his family to take them for a movie. He swiped his phone to book movie tickets for his family. It was then when it struck him that he... Read More

Edelweiss Tokio Money Back Plan

Insurance Plans 184 views March 7, 2020

The Edelweiss Tokio Money Back plan is a very good life insurance policy that offers multiple benefits. You get a regular monetary payout, you get a death benefit and you also get a maturity benefit, along with all the standard tax benefits. Take a... Read More

ICICI Lombard No Claim Bonus

Insurance Plans 204 views March 7, 2020

No claim bonus in a component in general insurance. It is offered to policyholders who do not make claims during their policy periods. The no claim bonus (NCB) is common in health insurance but is it also found in motor insurance. Every single... Read More

A Critical Illness Plan for Women in India

Articles 194 views March 7, 2020

Critical illnesses are very common in India. Sadly, many women get affected by cancers and other critical illnesses such as trauma and stroke. And since a woman proves to be the most important and valuable member of a family, her health and life... Read More

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