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Aegon Life Term Plan

Term Insurance 2152 views December 9, 2019

Aegon Life Insurance Company, as it is known today, started off as Aegon Religare Life Insurance Company in 2006. It is one of the prominent names in the financial services and Insurance sectors of India. Aegon offers insurance coverage policies at... Read More

Care Health Care Senior Plan

Health Insurance 1852 views December 9, 2019

The title itself speaks about a health insurance plan which is specifically designed for senior citizens who are an integral part of the society. Senior Citizens need special care about their health and here comes the importance of having a... Read More

Care Health Care Joy Plan

Health Insurance 2605 views December 6, 2019

Health Insurance Plans are always important to cover or guard us against the increased cost of hospitalization. Another aspect of health insurance is to be prepared for a most wonderful tremendous moment of joy in anyone’s life which is... Read More

Care Health Care Freedom Plan

Health Insurance 1897 views December 6, 2019

People are susceptible to several health hazards. Health Insurance protects us from increasing hospitalization expenses and covers many other expenses as well. Health insurance has become an integral part of combat ever-increasing medical costs.... Read More

Care Heart Health Insurance Plan

Health Insurance 3331 views December 6, 2019

Today many people are vulnerable to numerous health risks. Absence of a strong Health Insurance results in incurring substantial medical expenses in case of any medical exigencies. This has a direct impact on the savings which depletes to a great... Read More

Care Health Enhance Plan

Health Insurance 1423 views December 4, 2019

In today’s world, it is undeniably important to have health insurance. However, India still has a considerable number of people who do not have health insurance. While some people are financially capable to take care of their medical expenses when... Read More

Care Health Operation Mediclaim

Health Insurance 1362 views December 4, 2019

Being one of the leading health insurance companies in India, Care Health Insurance Company Limited is one among the five private-sector insurers that deal with insurance policies specifically pertaining to health, personal accident and travel... Read More

Care Health Mediclaim Policy

Health Insurance 1569 views December 4, 2019

In today’s super-fast world, when life is so unpredictable, it becomes extremely vital to have a well-crafted health insurance plan. Not having one can put you as well as your family under serious financial recursions in case of some health issues... Read More

Care Health Cancer Mediclaim

Health Insurance 4159 views December 2, 2019

Just the mention of the word ‘cancer’ runs a chill down the spine. It probably is the worst nightmare of every individual. Thanks to our current lifestyle, the chances of an individual being diagnosed with cancer in today’s times are high. A... Read More

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