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Health Insurance Plans for 2 Lakhs

Health Insurance 1873 views December 12, 2019

Health issues do not differentiate between rich and poor, man and woman or person ‘covered’ with health insurance and person ‘not covered’ with health insurance. It hits when you expect it the least. Hence it is wise to be prepared for the... Read More

Care Health Insurance 5 Lakhs

Health Insurance 2758 views December 11, 2019

A health insurance policy is a way of protecting ourselves from the uncertainties of life in every possible way. Health insurance policy is an instrument that helps us in safeguarding and providing protection against the financial burden caused due... Read More

Star Health Insurance for 5 Lakhs

Health Insurance 4546 views December 11, 2019

Quality of life is deteriorating. Blame it on an unhealthy lifestyle, hybrid food, contaminated water, worsening air quality, heredity or escalating stress levels. All these factors, along with many others, have an adverse effect on our... Read More

Health Insurance Plans for 5 Lakhs

Health Insurance 5866 views December 10, 2019

Health Insurance plan is a type of insurance policy that covers the treatment cost of the insured’s medical, diagnostic and surgical treatments. Under the health insurance plans, the coverage is offered in two ways i.e. either the insurance... Read More

Health Insurance Plans for 500 per Month

Health Insurance 3174 views December 10, 2019

Wayward lifestyle and shooting stress levels have taken a toll on modern man. It is literally impossible to remain aloof from the perils of the current age. Maintaining health has become a mirage which all of us have stopped chasing. Thus, inviting... Read More

Health Insurance Plan for 1 Lakh

Health Insurance 3184 views December 10, 2019

Medical Emergencies are unpredictable as they can hit anyone, anytime. These uncertain events of life can leave you with significant loss of savings as the medical treatments and the cost of medicines are huge. Having a health insurance plan is... Read More

Sabse Pehle Life Insurance

Life Insurance 4038 views December 9, 2019

Life is always unpredictable and we don’t know what’s in store for us in the future. With the fast-moving life and competitive environment, it is of utmost importance to have strong protection against all the untoward incidents which might have... Read More

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