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The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited is widely known as IRCTC was formed in the year 1999 providing an online platform to the citizens and to encourage railway as one of the mainstream modes of tourism in India. Not only this, IRCTC understands the uncertainties of life and therefore, the company also provides comprehensive insurance coverage if you are booking online and getting an e-ticket. Let us understand more about this as below.

Who can apply for insurance coverage provided by IRCTC?

Indian Citizens who buy their travel tickets online through the NGeT website are eligible for the insurance. Children below 5 years of age will not be covered under this plan.

How does the insurance coverage work?

The insurance coverage is provided by insurance companies like Bajaj Allianz Insurance Company, Shriram General Insurance Company, etc.
When you are buying an online ticket by visiting the official site of IRCTC as mentioned above and after providing the necessary details, you are about to make the payment, there you will get to see the option of availing the insurance facility with a very low charge with extra Re. 49 paise for each ticket including tax. You will receive an SMS stating about the policy information and also a link in your registered email address from the insurer where you would be required to fill up the nominee details. The plan is not mandatory but will be compulsory for all travellers with their respective PNR numbers.

Types of Insurance Coverage by IRCTC

The policy will cover each traveller with the respective PNR in case of any death, Permanent Partial Disability or PPD, Permanent Total Disability or PTD and expenses for hospitalization for any Injury and also for the conveyance of the mortal remains due to an accident occurred in rail or any unfortunate incident. Important features to note are:

  1. In case the train stops at any place due to any reason, if you go for another means of transportation till your destination and is arranged by the Railway Authorities, then you will be covered for this journey as well.
  2. There might be situations where a train had to be diverted for any reason, then also the insurance coverage will continue for the diverted course.
  3. For the vikalp train, the insurance coverage will continue as is as it had for the original train.
  4. After paying the premium and availing the insurance policy, you cannot cancel the policy nor can you ask for any refund.
  5. The insurance coverage for the expenses incurred for hospitalization is separate and is not included the PPD and PTD.
  6. This Travel Insurance Plan is applicable for all types of classes and the coverage amount are stated as below in Indian Rupees (INR):
    DeathPermanent Partial DisabilityPermanent Total DisabilityExpenses for Hospitalization for any injuryCarrying of remains of the Mortal
  7. Benefits available are given below in the table for your ease:
    Death % of Benefit given
    If in the Trip, the Insured person met with an accident and dies within 12 months from the date of accident or untoward event.100% of the Sum Assured is being paid to the nominee of to the legal successor
    PTD% of Benefit given
    If in the Trip, the Insured person met with an accident and dies within 12 months from the date of accident or untoward event.
    100% of the Sum Assured is being paid to the insured person, nominee or the legal successor
    Expenses for Hospitalization INR 2 Lakhs
  8. Expenses for Hospitalization include rent for the rooms, ICU charges, medicines cost, nursing charges, blood, oxygen, anaesthesia, OT charges, doctor’s charges, clinical appliances and many more.
  9. You can refer to the list of PPD or Permanent Partial Disability from the official website of IRTCTC

Exceptions under the insurance coverage by IRCTC

Let us see what some of the main situations when the insurance coverage will not be allowed.

  1. Any death which has occurred due to  1Deliberate self-injury, or an attempt to suicide 2 The intoxication of drugs or alcohol 3 Any criminal action 3 Crossing the railway paths 4 Any mental ailment 5 Engaging self into any adventurous sports 6 Pregnancy 7 Engaging self into dangerous activities 8 Any war or any nuclear material
  2. Any claim made for any accident before the date and time of the scheduled journey.
  3. Any claim which is made where the passenger has booked the tickets, but he or she did not board the train. This is applicable even if the train was canceled.
  4. Any claim where the tickets were booked but the tickets were not confirmed.
  5. Any inherited disease.
  6. Any Plastic or Cosmetic surgery if the same was not approved by any attending medical doctor.

Claim Procedure

The Insured person or his or her nominee or the legal must submit a detailed declaration together with other necessary documents within 4 months from the date of the accident to IRCTC. The below table will show the list of documents for making the claim.
Y- Yes/ N-No

DocumentsFor DeathFor DisabilityFor Hospitalization
Confirmation from Railway for the accidentYYY
Claim Form with bank detailsYYY
Nominee’s ID ProofYNN
Report from railway authorities confirming about the dead passengersYNN
Doctor’s confirmation about the disabilityNYN
Medical billsNYY
Disability Certificate NYN
FIR Attested copyNYN
Investigations and reports NYN
Photo of the insured pre and post the disabilityNyN
Prescriptions and receipts NNY
Discharge Summary NNY

Strong insurance coverage is always needed in life to make your journey safe and secure and fight against any unfortunate incident and especially when you are travelling. So, make sure, you secure yourself and your family and travel happily and hassle-free.

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