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Religare Health Insurance is Renamed as Care Health Insurance

Religare have created their brand in recent years. Whenever its name comes, everyone thinks of insurance. It has been selling various insurance products for many years and has always amazed its customers with the services. But do you know that the Religare Health Insurance is renamed as Care Health Insurance? Now, it has been rebranded as the Care Health Insurance because its primary motive is to take care of the individuals when an individual is having health issues. The primary things that the company wants are dedicated and round the clock care towards its customers. So, you can have a look at the features of this company and the reason for buying the health insurance plan from this company.

Health Insurance

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About Care Health Insurance

There is no change in the location of this company. The only thing matter is that the name of the company has been changed. The headquarter of this company is still at Gurgaon in Haryana as it was before. There are more than 146 offices across India and their locations are the same and the only thing that has been changed is the brand name of the company. It has more than 6000 employees working to serve the needy customers.

Reasons for Choosing Care Health Insurance Plan

There will be no change in the services and the products even it is renamed from Religare Health Insurance to Care Health Insurance. You must see the reasons for buying a health plan from this company.

  1.  Wide Range of Products
  2. Large Numbers of Network Hospitals
  3. High Claim Settlement Ratio
  4. Lifelong Renewability
  5. 24×7 Customer Support
  6. Cashless Approval

Wide Range of Products

Don’t get confused among the insurance products offered by the company because the coverage is the same. You can get Health Insurance, Personal Accident Insurance, Top-up Insurance, Maternity Insurance, Group Health Insurance, and Group Personal Insurance from the Company.

Large Numbers of Network Hospitals

There are more than 7400 network hospitals across India where you will get the cashless facility. The list of network hospitals remains the same and it might increase or decrease in the future.

High Claim Settlement Ratio

Care Health Insurance has a high claim settlement ratio of 92.83% and it is the main reason for choosing this company to buy the plan. The first thing noticed by most of the individuals when they buy a plan is the claim settlement ratio of the company.

Lifelong Renewability

You can renew the plan throughout your life. This option remains the same because it was given by Religare Health insurance and now it has been given by the Care Health Insurance. You can enjoy health cover lifelong and renew the policy every year.

24×7 Customer Support

Despite Religare, Health Insurance is renamed as Care Health Insurance the round the clock customer service remains the same. You can make the claim for the insured sum of money anytime and the company’s representative will assist you.

Cashless Approval

Everyone knows that it is important to remain with your loved ones instead of visiting the company for the claim. So this company offers you a cashless claim settlement in which you don’t have to visit the branch and for the money. The company directly transfers the claim amount to the network hospital.


Well, it must be clear to you that the Religare is only rebranded as Care Health Insurance and the rest of the things remain the same. The name of the products might be changed from time to time but the services and risk covers will be the same.

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