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Does Your Health Plan Cover You for Coronavirus?

We are living in a digital age and advancing every day in technology, science and many more, however, we are very susceptible to many health hazards. In the last six years, we have seen several outbreaks of more and more terrible diseases or viruses like MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) Zika, Ebola and Nipah. And now a new and even more dangerous virus named as Coronavirus, which is causing terror and fright amongst people. The hazardous virus started in Wuhan, China, has by now affected 70000 people in China with a death toll of about 2200 and gradually spreading in other parts of the world as well in India, as of now, three remote cases have been reported, but a very crucial question has come whether you can get the coverage of this virus under your health insurance policy. Let us see the same below.

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What is Coronavirus?

Corona Virus Disease or known as COVID-19, a dangerous virus that causes diseases starting from the common cold to a more risky and harmful disease which affects the entire respiratory systems. The World Health Organisation or WHO has declared this officially as a global health emergency. Coronaviruses are zoonotic, which means the viruses are transmitted from animals and people.

Your Health Insurance Plan Covers You Against Coronavirus

Characteristically, maximum health insurance plans are general health policies. This implied that you can get the coverage for all types of diseases or treatments which include illnesses that are not revealed or discovered as yet. General health insurance plans are not restricted to a definite disease. And therefore, you are eligible to get coverage against any hospitalization with OPD -out-patient expenses cover, regardless of the disease. General health plans offer cover against all types of infections as well and since coronavirus is a kind of an infection, you are eligible to get the coverage under your insurance policy from the 1st day itself.

Coronavirus – Not Treated as a Pre-existing Disease

Coronavirus is not considered as a pre-existing illness as this is a type of disease that can affect anyone at any time without any previous symptoms. Thus, there is no reason for an insurer to reject the health cover for this disease and you can always lodge a claim in case you need treatment for getting affected by the virus. You can claim full coverage against all expenditures like pre-hospitalization, post-hospitalization, cover for an ambulance, in-patient treatment OPD costs and much more dependent on the policy coverage terms and conditions.

Insurance Claim Under the Treatment of Coronavirus

Like any other disease, you are entitled to claim for coronavirus through a cashless facility across the network hospitals or by way of reimbursement.


Stay safe and follow a healthy hygiene routine and visit the doctor in case you feel otherwise.

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