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How to Compare Insurance Policy Quotes from WishPolicy

With a host of online insurance web aggregators making their presence felt across the web, it is common for people to question which online insurance portal they must purchase their insurance plans through. After all, most online insurance portals look alike. However, we are different. We just don’t sell insurance plans; we advise our customers about the right plan that would suit their requirements. We realize that not all plans sold by insurance companies may be in sync with your requirements or benefit your loved ones. Hence, we are here to advise.

Free Compare Online and Buy Insurance Plans and Quotes from WishPolicy

With a major percentage of Indians ignorant about the concept of insurance and the features characteristic of each plan, it becomes essential for us to explain the right kind of insurance plan that you must buy. Come to us as we are:-


Our main assets are our customers. We are more bent towards advising our customers about what they must buy instead of what the insurers in the market have to say. Not all insurance products are the same. We ensure that our customers buy that policy which provides them the maximum financial cover at affordable prices.


Transparency is the hallmark of We ensure that our advisors give you honest feedback and honest reviews of the various insurance products being currently sold in the market.

Ease of use

Convenience today governs every decision we make. The way it shapes our purchasing decisions explains how our emerging economies are dependent on products and services that make life easier. In addition to being informative, our portal is easy to use. One does not need to be a computer nerd to buy insurance plans online through our portal. Simply fill in your details, choose the plan and pay. For more details, you may call on our helpline number and our advisor would be there to guide you at each step of the insurance buying process.

Approved by IRDAI

Our business is approved and governed by the regulations of the Insurance Regulatory Development Authority of India (IRDAI). Be its comparison of the various insurance plans, advising customers regarding the prices and features of each plan or selling them online, we rank among the top approved insurance web aggregators in the country.

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