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Can a Single Woman Claim Maternity Benefit in Health Insurance Policy?

Health insurance plans are always a significant aspect when it comes to the wellness of yourself or your family. Life is full of uncertainties and we don’t know what will hit us suddenly and will cause a major financial burden. And a health insurance plan with maternity benefit as a feature usually is one factor that everyone looks for while applying for a health insurance plan with the rising cost of medical expenditures and inflation. Maternity is a significant stage in a woman’s lifespan that needs strong financial preparation in advance so that one might embrace motherhood with effortlessly. And almost all health insurance companies offer benefit for maternity and hence you must claim maternity benefit in health insurance policy

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How Maternity Benefit is defined in Health Insurance?

To claim maternity benefit in health insurance policy, you must have the plan which has this feature. Maternity Benefit is the protection that ensures coverages connected with the birth of a child till a certain time frame which includes both pre-pregnancy period and post-pregnancy phase. There are some insurance companies where you may choose maternity benefit as a separate policy or you can have them included under add-on benefits by paying an additional premium

Scope of Maternity Benefit under various situations

There may be a couple of situations where you may get confused with regards to claim maternity benefit in health insurance policy. Let us see those by one briefly.

Situation 1: A Single Mother holding a health plan with maternity cover

Health insurance, as advised by the experts, must always be taken at an early stage of life. The reason being very simple, as the sooner you enter a plan, the faster will be the waiting period and you will be in a position to claim for those events or diseases where there is a waiting period of 2-4 years. Maternity Benefit is one such example. Regardless of the marital status of the women, single mothers will be in a position to claim for their maternity expenses after paying the regular premium and after meeting the conditions of the waiting period. The policy needs to be in her name to claim maternity benefit in health insurance policy.

Point to note here that not every health insurance plan gives the above benefit to single women. And hence, when you are primarily applying to get claim maternity benefit in health insurance policy, you need to make sure whether the insurance company provides such benefit to single mothers or not, if appropriate.

Situation 2: A Single Man having a health plan with maternity cover

A single man will be able to get the maternity cover only after he adds his wife’s name to his existing health plan. As mentioned above, the waiting period will apply here as well and the waiting time will start after he adds his wife into his health insurance policy. Now an important question is when can you add your wife in the health plan? Can this be done during any policy year? Well, the answer is no; you can only add your wife at the time of the renewal of the policy. This essentially means that you need to wait for 2-years to 4 years to get the maternity cover resulting in the change of the premium amount according to the plan chosen.

Situation 3: Maternity cover in a Live-in relationship

In this case, if an unmarried couple is living together, then they are not eligible to take any health insurance plans as there is no insurable interest, which is a primary rule of any insurance.


Know the terms and conditions of your health plan in detail so that you can get the maximum coverage and do not get hassled anymore. Claim maternity benefit in a health insurance policy as per the prevailing rules and apply for the plan timely to get extensive coverage

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