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If you rewind your 6 months from now then you will realize that it was wonderful. You were enjoying your life, going to parties, having wonderful vacations at hill stations, hanging with friends, and doing many such activities. But after the COVID-19 Pandemic, your life took a drastic turn and you started a monotonous life. Many people have lost their jobs and some people started working at a very low salary. Ultimately, people were becoming depressed and negative thinkers. So, in order to remove all such problems, a campaign is started known as Baat Kijiye Campaign by ManipalCigna in which it encourages everyone to start checking their loved ones. In such a pandemic it is necessary to motivate people around you.

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Mental Problems During COVID-19 Pandemic

There are a lot of mental problems aroused during the pandemic. So the Baat Kijiye Campaign is specially introduced to tackle such mental issues. You can see the problems aroused due to this pandemic.

Mental Stress

During the Coronavirus pandemic, many individuals lost their jobs and some lost their loved ones due to this disease. It is really difficult to come over the loss of the loved ones. So, it created mental stress in the life of many individuals due to this disease.

Financial Problems

Many people have lost their jobs and it became very difficult for the daily earners to manage their day to day life. Thus, due to this, the financial problems occurred and during the lockdown, the businesses other than pharma and grocery were into huge losses.

Self Isolation

People are making themselves self-isolated. They are not talking to anyone and just living a monotonous life. All they know is to earn their bread and they keep themselves apart from the outside world. This leads to anxiety and depression.

Physical Assault

There are many women you are tortured by their husbands. Many husbands relieve their stress by beating their wives and it was common during the lockdown. So, the Baat Kijiye Campaign will lift the veil of many families.

Anxiety and Depression

Depression is one of the major problems during the Covid-19 Pandemic and it can only be eliminated if you start talking with others. So, this campaign will definitely help depressed individuals to come out of it.

Efforts Taken by ManipalCigna in the Baat Kijiye Campaign

All the problems mentioned above can only be resolved by sharing issues with people. If you find anyone going through such problems then you must go to him and talk to him. Things you can do to eliminate the problems.

Check your Neighbours and Family Members

You must talk to your neighbours and family members whether they are living a happy life or going through stress. Talk to them related to their problems and give them the solution. Show them the right path and ask them to remain social.

Talk to People

Baat Kijiye Campaign by ManipalCigna clearly defines that you must talk to people to eliminate their stress. If you find any person who is self-isolation and going through depression then you must talk to him and keep a good relationship with him.

Talk to your Office Colleagues

It is clear that all the employees in your company are treated the same. So, you must talk to your colleagues and listen to their problems. Once you know the problems, you must motivate them and build their confidence.

Give them Positive Vibes

You must give the depressed and stressed people positive vibes so that they can come out of depression. Show them the positive aspect of life to increase their confidence level and motivate them to continue with their hard work.

Use Technology to Talk

As we know that the government has given the guidelines of social distancing so it is not possible to meet the person every time. Therefore, in such a situation you can make use of your mobile phones or laptops to have a conversation with the person. All you need is to give moral support to the depressed and tensed individuals.

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