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Difference Between Group Health Insurance & Individual Health Insurance
Difference Between Double Insurance and Reinsurance

Difference Between Double Insurance and Reinsurance

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  • September 30, 2020

Insurance is basically the transfer of risks from the insured to the insurer. It can be a health risk, property risk, or a life risk. So, in order to get a cover an individual goes for an insurance plan. But there are some individuals who are...

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Section 80CCD

Section 80CCD of the Income Tax Act 1961

It is the duty of every earning citizen of India to pay taxes on their annual income. But on the other hand, the Income Tax Act 1961 also provides some relief on taxation. It gives deductions on your taxable income. So, if you have made an...

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Section 80D

Section 80D of the Income Tax

Income Tax Act 1961 has been introduced in India to manage the tax burdens and calculate the taxes that have to be paid by the individuals. There are many sections in this Act that will give you a relief on the taxes you will have to pay on your...

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Difference Between Corona Kavach Policy and Corona Rakshak Policy

Baat Kijiye Campaign by ManipalCigna

If you rewind your 6 months from now then you will realize that it was wonderful. You were enjoying your life, going to parties, having wonderful vacations at hill stations, hanging with friends, and doing many such activities. But after the...

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Religare Health Insurance is Care Health Insurance Now
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